What is done kino?

Done Kino is the first Kino Kabaret cell in Tallinn, Estonia (established in 2013). Each time Done Kino events have a different topic, but the same principle: to dig up ideas forgotten and pushed out of consciousness by ignorance, laziness, procrastination and fear issues, and through this awkwardness, to expose them and transform them into a starting point for more exciting scenarios.

Kino Kabaret is a filmmaking movement which takes the shape of temporary film labs popping up all around the world where all kind of cinematic artisans gather for several days, divided into sessions of various lengths, to create short low-budget films in an improvisational manner. Usually each session contains three main parts: a production meeting; shooting and editing; and screening of films made during the session. 

Done Kino 2014 takes place between 15-17 August in Patarei which for more than 170 years served many functions in these changing historic times. Patarei has been a sea-fortress, military barracks, a Soviet and Estonian prison, and a dark tourism venue. In most of these incarnations, it has reflected the complex relationship between Estonia and Russia. 

Done Kino 2014 wants to add one minor episode to this historical fate: a collaboration of Estonian, Russian and foreign filmmakers willing to overcome passive acceptance of the current division of the local cultural scenes and treat the terrifying but stunning premises of Patarei as a stage for an inspiring and potentially ground breaking shooting location, Kinolab and projection hall. It is all not about integration or assimilation but more about going beyond the exclusion caused by mutual ignorance, while taking it as an excuse for collaboration. One can never know how much creative potential is in unexplored human relations restricted by reactionist divisions based on the ideological and cultural convention of belonging. Nevertheless Done Kino has no interest in politics but filmmaking, creativity, spontaneity, self-organization and non-competitiveness. 

Done Kino 2014 couldn't happen without The Penitentiary: Battery Project and Ptarmigan.

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