Questions and answers

What  Done Kino provide to participants?

Done Kino is a completely unfunded event run, grassroots-style, by volunteers. We provide the Kinolab located in the old prison Patarei equipped with electricity and portable internet hub on 15th (14.00-18.00), 16th (9.00-18.00) and 17th August (12.00-15.00). Kinolab serves any creative use from planning to editing the short films. For shooting participants will have full access to the outside grounds of the prison - that includes the main entrance, all the areas along the beach and the inner courtyard with the cellblocks. Outdoors are open each day until 20.00. Inside the prison, participants will have full access to the three floors of men’s section of the prison. That includes the medical wing and the library wing. Indoors can be used in the same hours as Kinolab. 

If you are comming from outside of Tallinn we unfortunatelly can't provide you an accomodation. You are encouraged to find your own accommodation ( etc.), organise your own travel, food and basically be all grown-up and stuff. 

Are there any requirements for films/videos realised during Done Kino?

There are no requirements about genre or length of the produced films. The films can be in any language you want. You will be also asked to put the Done Kino logo (which will be provided to the participants on the first day of the event) in the credits.

How should I prepare for Done Kino?

You don't need to have a finished script or established team. Just register your participation till 12 August and schedule your life in the way that you can be an active part of Done Kino between 15-17 August. Don't forget to bring your own idea or/and own equipment needed for shooting (camera, tripod, editing laptop, sound recorder, whatever). Patarei is rather rough location: appropriate clothes which prevent you from cold and allow you to get dirty are advised. If you are allergic to moist and fungus take your pills or dust mask.

Are there any money issues connected with Done Kino?

Done Kino is a no-fee and no-budget event – don’t register if you expect ready-made food or fancy accommodation. 

Who are Kinoites?

Kino Kabaret welcomes, without discrimination, anyone who wishes to undertake a serious film challenge no matter its genre. We are concerned first and foremost with artists involved in cinema, television, and multimedia, but Kino offers itself up to all those who are called to cinematographic adventure, regardless of age, nationality, political interests or prior experience. Everyone who has the courage to function in such an unlabelled environment can be called a Kinoite of Done Kino.

If you have more questions please write us at done.kino a t or post something on our Facebook page